Weekly deliveries of delicious, plant-based curry meals in plastic-free tins (dabba) by bicycle (drop). Like the milkman, but with takeaway.

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Meat Free


Plastic Free


Guilt Free

Plant Based. Zero Waste. A Whole Lotta Taste.

So what is DabbaDrop?

The UKs first closed loop takeaway, we're making it easy to eat well without worrying about your impact on the planet.

  • A Dabba is a reusable box, a revolutionary idea invented in India, modernised by us. We'll deliver your curries in this handsome fella & swap your empties for a full one next time.

  • A one-off £15 dabba tin charge is added to check out on your first order - welcome to plastic freedom. Welcome to guilt-free takeaways.

  • Each DabbaDrop feeds two hungry folks and costs £30 (£15pp + FREE delivery). Add some delicious extras or keep it simple.

  • Life's busy, we hear you. So pause, skip or cancel by logging in to your online account - you only pay for what you order.