Why DabbaDrop?

"Back in 2018, before they set up DabbaDrop, Renee and Anshu loved getting takeaways. But each experience was unfulfilling - low quality food with minimal veggie options. By the end, there was always a pile up of plastic in their bins. They had no knowledge of who cooked the food — just a grumpy transaction at the door. So they decided to create something better. Thats how DabbaDrop was born."

  • Our food comes in reusable steel Dabbas—a great alternative to the single-use plastic that other establishments use.

  • Our pre-ordering system means we always know how many we are cooking for. Thus, nothing goes to waste.

  • All of our deliveries happen weekly via riders on pushbike steeds, e-bikes, or zero-emission vehicles.

  • Our entire menu is plant-based, reducing carbon emissions and requiring less land and water. A win-win in our eyes.

  • Most takeaways, take away

    Fewer ingredients. Lower nutritional value. Less time eating. To top it off, the food is delivered in disposable packaging by Moped Mike, who seasons your meal with a side of exhaust fumes.

  • We bring more to the table

    Inspired by co-founder Anshu’s heirloom family recipes from all over South Asia, Dabbadrop brings you zero-waste, guilt-free, plant-based dinners each week or fortnight.

  • And they don’t just taste good

    They do plenty good too. Since starting in November 2018, we’ve saved more than 142,580 plastic containers from being used and racked up over 40,00km of emission-free deliveries.

  • Fancy joining our community?

    No two dishes are the same our rotating menu will take you everywhere from Kerala to Pakistan. If you’re looking for a weekly treat or a stress-free end to your week. We got you.


100% Fresh


Zero Waste


Guilt Free