Dabba What?

We’re on a mission to change the way you takeaway

Some takeaways… take away

Fewer ingredients. Lower nutritional value. Less time eating and more time lost in an endless menu. To top it off, it’s delivered in disposable packaging by Moped Mike, who seasons your meal with a side of exhaust fumes (sorry Mike).

We bring a bit more to the party

Inspired by co-founder Anshu’s heirloom family recipes from all over South Asia, delivered and returned by bicycle in the traditional dabbawala tin style, Dabbadrop brings you zero-waste, guilt-free, plant-based dinners each week or fortnight.

But hang on, what’s a Dabba?

Born in Bombay in the late 1800s, Dabbawalas (dabba meaning ‘box’ in Hindi) have kept cities fed for over a hundred years. It began as a stacked dinner delivered by bike or railway train to neighbourhood workers, who would enjoy their meal from top drawer to bottom and give back the containers on the delivery person's return journey.

And they don’t just taste good

They do plenty good too. Since starting in November 2018, we’ve saved more than 142,580 plastic containers from being used and racked up over 40,00km of emission-free deliveries (quite the workout for our delivery team!). We’re a bit bigger too: what began with co-founders Anshu and Renée has grown to a dozen-strong conscious curry crew.

Fancy joining our communal table?

What hasn’t changed is our love for bringing you something different and delicious with every dinner. No two dishes are the same, and our rotating menu will take you everywhere from Kerala to Sri Lanka. Whether you’re looking for a weekly treat or a stress-free end to your week, you’ll be part of our zero-waste community that believes takeaway can be better.

Anshu Ahuja and Renée Williams, Co-founders of DabbaDrop

100% Fresh


Zero Waste


Guilt Free

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