How It Works

  • 1. Choose a delivery day

    Receive your dabba weekly or fornightly. We'll take you on a journey across South Asia through its vibrant, wholesome, and nutritious food. Each Dabba has two servings and lasts two days after delivery.

  • 2. Build your meal with sides

    You'll receive a set menu of South Asian dishes each week or every other week. Add sides such as roti, naan, dal, samosas, and more. We also travel to new destinations outside of South Asia from time to time to keep things varied and interesting - this will always be in line with our usual nourishing and homely cooking style!

  • 3. Heat and eat (then repeat)

    Your DabbaDrop is delivered ice-packed and cold. Simply heat your tins directly in the oven for 30-40mins. Once done, our cyclists will swap your empty dabbas next time, meaning nothing goes to waste.

  • 4. We’re flexible - like a yogi

    Add extra dabbas if you have visitors and pause or cancel your weekly or fortnightly plan before the cut off time by logging into your account—only paying for what you choose to order.

We deliver to London Zones 1-3

Look at how you're making a change

  • 203372

    plastic containers we have saved from being used to date

  • 2500kg

    of food waste avoided

  • 18360kg

    of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions avoided.
    That’s the same amount as flying from London to Amsterdam 314 times!

  • 560L

    water on average saved for each dabba we deliver.
    This is almost 3 full bathtubs!

  • 10m2

    of land that could be reclaimed. That’s almost as big as one parking space!

We worked with My Emissions to calculate these values, and also assess the impact of all our food and meals. All stats are in comparison to an on-demand and plastic packaged alternative.