What is DabbaDrop?

DabbaDrop is a dinner delivery service. We deliver meals as rarely or as often as you like. We work on a pre-order system so that we always know how many we are cooking for. This helps us to cut down on food waste in the kitchen.  You book and pay for your dinner in advance of us buying the ingredients. Payment is taken at 6pm on the Tuesday before your delivery.

What’s on the DabbaDrop menu?

The DabbaDrop mission is to bring you convenience with a conscience! No single-use plastic, emission free delivery and carefully curated plant based meals to help you unwind and relax after a long day. Our DabbaDrop meals have two serves and consist of a seasonal salad or stir-fry, a delicious dal and a hearty vegetable curry, alongside perfectly cooked rice.

Our menus change weekly and are inspired by Anshu’s family recipes, South Asia and beyond!

What is a Dabba?

Dabba is Hindi for box, a stainless steel, tiered container sometimes called a tiffin tin, that is used all over India to carry home cooked meals. You can use yours as a lunch box while you are waiting for your next DabbaDrop delivery. It’s also great to bake brownies in or to make tofu shakshouka!

Can I keep my Dabba?

We’ll bring it to you filled with our curries the first time we deliver. From then on we’ll swap it over every time you DabbaDrop. Our riders will remind you to return your Dabba when they drop off your curries. Please wash your Dabba before returning to us - simply pop it in your dishwasher or hand wash with your regular washing-up liquid.

Place your icepack and cloth inside one of the layers.

Upon cancellation:

Customers pre 02/11/22 - Yes. You have bought your dabba stack at checkout when you first signed up with us for £15.

Customers post 02/11/22 - Will need to send their dabba tins back to us by a prepaid return label.