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Make-At-Home Dosa Kit

Make-At-Home Dosa Kit

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These gorgeously moreish rice and dal pancakes are a South Indian breakfast HERO (but can be eaten any time in the day in our humble opinion :))

Our dosa-making kit comes beautifully wrapped in a 100% cotton Chennai-checked cloth (cloth may vary based on availability) along with a traditional dosa ladle - so you'll have no trouble with portioning or mastering the magic of the dosa 'swirl'!

Inside, you'll find dry gluten free dosa mix which, when mixed with water creates enough batter for approximately 18 crispy dosa - so the whole family can eat together!

The kit also comes with our famous Ginger Jam and our crunchy Gunpowder - the perfect dosa-eating accompaniments. 

Inside, you'll also find a QR code for step-by-step instructions and a recipe card for one of our favourite dosa stuffings - Aloo (potato) masala. 

Enjoy your dosa with a hot masala chai on a bright morning and you'll be smiling for the rest of the day :) 

Instructions for making your delicious dosa are here.

Allergies: Mustard seeds (Ginger Jam), Sesame seeds (Gunpowder). Email for full ingredient list.

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