We're DabbaDrop!

Delivering delicious, homestyle, plant-based meals inspired by South Asia to people around London by bicycle.

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As busy time-poor mums, our founders, Anshu and Renee loved getting a takeaway but hated the greasy gruel, mystery meat and plastic pile-ups that usually follow. In 2018, they went on a mission to create a better alternative.

DabbaDrop was born from their love of simple food—handmade with quality ingredients that are delicious and good for you. Using heirloom family recipes from across South Asia, they created DabbaDrop. A takeaway that is zero-waste, plant-based, and 100% great taste. Good for you, Good for the planet. Good Karma.

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New Postcodes Launching Soon...

Keep your eye on this page and our waitlist to find out where we will be delivering dabbas next in SW London. If we are not yet live in your area, you can now join our waitlist AND invite your friends to do the same!