Sustainability Made Simple

Want takeaway that doesn't cost the earth? We've made it SIMPLE. Zero food waste, 100% plant-based menus, reusable packaging, and zero-emission deliveries = a teeny tiny carbon footprint! So you can enjoy your food guilt-free. You're welcome ; )

We’re a circular economy business, champions of sustainability. Our vision is to make zero-waste living easy-peasy, and we're starting with how you do take away:

  • Our food comes in reusable stainless steel Dabba tins - a most splendid alternative to the disposable or single-use plastic that many of our on-demand counterparts use.

  • Our pre-ordering system means we always know how many we are cooking for, so nothing goes to waste. Food waste is for ninnies.

  • All of our deliveries happen via gallant riders on pushbike steeds, e-bikes, or zero-emission vehicles.

  • Our entire menu is plant-based, reducing carbon emissions and requiring less land and water; a sustainability win-win, in our humble opinions.

Look, you’re helping us save the world!

  • 142580

    plastic containers we have saved from being used to date

  • 2495kg

    of food waste avoided

  • 18357kg

    of carbon and greenhouse gas emissions avoided.
    That’s the same amount as flying from London to Amsterdam 314 times!

  • 560l

    water on average saved for each dabba we deliver.
    This is almost 3 full bathtubs!

  • 9m2

    On average, each of our dabbas represents 9.3m2 of land that could be reclaimed. That’s almost as big as one parking space!

We worked with My Emissions to calculate these values, and also assess the impact of all our food and meals. All stats are in comparison to an on-demand and plastic packaged alternative.