Japan-inspired Menu Heating Instructions

COOKING TIME: 40 minutes



Greens Goma Shoga: Green beans, tender stem broccoli, spring greens, ginger, sesame, sesame oil, apple juice, garlic, salt, vinegar (sulphates), soy sauce (wheat), spices, mustard, red pepper, lime, flavour enhancer.

Nasu Dengaku: Aubergine, shiro miso (soy), mirin, sake, chives, vegetable oil, sesame

Squash Kare: Squash, Edamame (soy), Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Oil, Madras curry powder (contains spices and mustard), wheat flour, Coconut milk, Sugar, Soy sauce (wheat), spring onion, chilli.

Bottom tin: Rice, rice vinegar, chilli, seaweed, poppy seeds, orange peel.


Our ingredients change slightly from time to time, so please always check before tucking into your dabba.




The top tin, (Greens Goma-Shoga) is best enjoyed cold or at room temperature, so please remove this before heating the rest of your meal. The Nasu Dengaku (Miso Aubergine) can be enjoyed either cold or or heated for 15 minutes. Stir the aubergine gently so the miso envelopes the aubergine. 


Our recommended heating method is the oven at 180c until piping hot (usually around 30-40 minutes). 

Use the lid of the dabba to put on top of the curry to avoid it crisping up. The curry can be stacked on top of the aubergine and the rice in the oven - this will prevent your rice from getting crispy on top. We also add a few drops of tap water to our rice before cooking, to ensure the moisture stays locked in.

Please remember to stir the curry occasionally throughout the cooking process (for an even heat) and be careful when dishing up from the hot tins!