What's Cooking This Week?

This Week's Set Menu Is...

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Oven Heating

Our recommended heating method is in the oven at 180c until piping hot (30-40 minutes). We suggest placing the bottom three tins of your Dabba onto a roasting tray and stirring occasionally throughout the process. Please be careful when dishing up from the hot tins!


Microwave or stovetop heating are also fine. Please don’t put your metal tin in the microwave! Instead, decant your food into microwave safe containers before heating. Please ensure your food is thoroughly warmed through and piping hot before eating.

Salad or Slaw

Best enjoyed cold, our top tin dish is always a salad, slaw or stir fry. However, it can also be heated if you wish.


To ensure your roti doesn’t crisp up, we recommend just 2 minutes in the 180c oven. Rotis can be enjoyed as they are, but they’re even better when warmed through.


We recommend at least 20 minutes in the 180c oven to ensure your samosas are piping hot.


If you have ordered other add-on items such as nans or brownies, these come in compostable paper with paper stickers.

Our chutneys and pickles come in compostable PLA pots (made from plants). These pots can be composted by most local councils.

If you are unsure what to do with your PLA pots, please return them to us inside your Dabba tins with your next delivery and we will ensure these are composted safely for you.

Tipping Your Driver

Thank you for your requests about leaving tips for our cyclists and chefs.  We've joined the quick and easy online tipping system, TiPJAR.

If you'd like to leave a little something for our team, you can follow this link http://tpjr.us/dabbadrop or scan the QR code on your sides bag.

Thank you so much!