Indochinese-inspired Menu Heating Instructions

COOKING TIME: 40 minutes



Gobi Manchurian: Oil / ginger/ garlic/ green chilli/ CELERY/ spring onions/ SOY/ ketchup/ vinegar/ pepper/ salt/ cornflour

Schezwan-Style Green Bean & Omnipork Stir Fry: Beans/ OMNIOPORK/ dry chilli/ PEANUTS/ schezwan pepper/ onion/ ginger/ garlic/ CELERY/ SOY/ SESAME/ cornflour

Tofu with Ginger & Black Bean Sauce: BLACK BEANS/ ginger/ garlic/ CELERY/ green chilli/ SOY/ spring onion/ cornflour/ salt/ sugar/ vinegar/ pepper

Rice: Rice, Water, Garlic, Oil, Salt. 

Our ingredients change from time to time, so please always check before eating.




Our recommended heating method is the oven at 180c until piping hot (usually around 30-40 minutes). 

Top Tin: We love our Gobi Manchurian crisped up, if you do too, don't heat it with the lid on but steamed is just as delicious so leave the lid on if you prefer it that way :)

Omni Pork: You may also prefer the beans and tofu dish a little crisped up (as we do), so leave uncovered when you heat these. 
Black Bean sauce: This has been thickened with cornflour, as is traditional, so can look a bit thick. However on heating, it should turn saucy. Please remember to stir the black bean sauce occasionally throughout the cooking process. 
Rice: We add a few drops of water to our rice before cooking, to ensure the moisture stays locked in, and then place another tin on top, so it steams (in this case, the black bean sauce.)