DabbaDrop x Hanoi Cà Phê Menu Heating Instructions

DabbaDrop x Hanoi Cà Phê Menu Heating Instructions

COOKING TIME: 40 minutes



Nôm (Vietnamese salad)
Vegan 'pork' lettuce wraps
The Curry: Cà Ri Chay
Pandan steamed rice


The top tin, Nôm (Vietnamese salad) is best enjoyed cold, so please remove this before heating the rest of your meal. 

The second tin, Vegan 'pork' lettuce wraps contains fresh herbs and baby gem lettuce which should be removed before heating the vegan pork laab. Once heated, the lettuce becomes the vehicle with which to eat the laab and the fresh Thai basil adds flavour. We also recommend adding some of the salad from the top tin to your wraps for an extra flavour bomb!

Vegan Pork Lettuce Wrap


Our recommended heating method is the oven at 180c until piping hot (usually around 30-40 minutes depending on your oven). If using microwave or stovetop, ensure everything is piping hot before eating.

Pop the curry and rice in your oven at 180 degrees first for 10 minutes. HOT TIP: add a few drops of water to the rice and stack the curry tin on top to help steam the rice!

After 10 minutes, add the laab tin to the oven (covered with the lid from the top tin - remember to take out the lettuce and herbs first!)

Please stir the curry and the laab occasionally throughout the cooking process (for an even heat). After 20-30 more minutes your dabba should be ready and piping hot! The laab is ready when it is starting to crisp around the edges.