Our Kitchen

As we return to some level of normality, we will continue to take precautions and ensure we help to stem the spread of COVID-19, keeping up with our high levels of cleanliness, including extra hand washing, sanitising and vigilant kitchen surface sanitising and cleaning.

Our Delivery Team

As a home delivery service, our main focus is always on our customers, and we want you to feel assured that we are limiting the risk of spreading the virus through human contact. Our delivery cyclists are maintaining high levels of hygiene, with frequent hand washing between routes and hand sanitizing while on route.

Contact-free Delivery

All deliveries will remain no contact deliveries, this means cyclists will knock/ring, move away from your door and allow you come out to collect your delivery.

If you live in flats, please ensure to buzz your cyclist up.

Please leave your empty Dabba outside your door for our cyclists to collect and swiftly be on their way.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of any changes.

Namaste and wishing you all good health!