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Your tiffinbox contains a hearty vegan meal for two, including:
1 delicious dal, 1 vegetable curry, 1 seasonal stir-fry 1 rice & 2 roti.
Choose your plan and we’ll add your very own reusable dabba to your cart.
We’ll deliver your first curry in this dabba, then swap it each time it’s your DabbaDrop Friday.
Don’t forget to add yummy samosas, chutneys and pickles!
Scroll to the bottom of the page to see which menus could be DabbaDropping in on you this month.

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£27 Per Vegan Curry For Two

Don’t forget you’re subscribing to receive your Dabba delivery every 4 weeks from the first Friday you choose.
If you want to change your mind please let us know by 6pm on the Wednesday before your delivery. We’ll send you an email to remind you.
If you’d like to pause your subscription, let us know ASAP or before 6pm on Wednesday on the week of your delivery.
Read our terms here or for FAQs click here.

+ £3 bike delivery

+ £15 one-time fee at checkout for your own reusable Dabba

Recurs every 4 weeks starting immediately

+ delicious extras! Add chutneys, pickles or samosas as you wish.