Pickle & Chutney Gift Pack & Tote Bag


A sturdy cotton fully lined Tote Bag with a 4-pack of DabbaDrop condiments in a gift box

Ginger Jam
Mango & Pineapple Chutney
Pickled Onions
Tote Bag with pockets

Introducing the Dabbadrop Tote, the ultimate accessory, a timeless design that defies trending fashion. Fully lined with one internal pocket and two external pockets, and two long shoulder straps for carrying, our Dabbadrop Tote is sturdy enough to keep your goodies safe and big enough to house all your reusables! Rich mango in colour - you can carry a slice of Indian tropical paradise wherever you go!

DabbaDrop’s best-selling condiment, the Ginger Jam, comes with a warning for those who are chilli-shy! It delivers a heady mix of ginger, tamarind, fenugreek, Kashmiri chilli and spices. It’s a great everyday enhancer from adding to sandwiches or zhushing up soups and stews. 

Bringing a tropical twist to Britain’s favourite Indian condiment, it’s Pineapple & Mango Chutney. Subtle spice comes from the curry leaves and cumin and pineapple is used for tropical freshness. The fruit is kept chunky for a satisfying texture. Mango chutney is traditionally eaten with poppadoms but DabbaDrop recommends using it as a dip or smearing generously on avocado toast.

Pickled Onions are a go-to condiment on South Asian menus. DabbaDrop’s version is bright pink, adding sweetness, tang and crunch to dishes. The pickling liquid combines fragrant star anise, bay and cinnamon; the perfect topping to a dal. The Pickled Onions are also delicious stuffed into sandwiches or mixed into hearty salads.

DabbaDrop’s Gunpowder spice mix is known as Podi in India and this special version follows an old family recipe. Made with sesame seeds, lentils and chilli, and can be likened to Middle Eastern dukkah. Sprinkle over roasted vegetables, salad, soups, noodles and even pizzas for an added umami crunch. Or swirl into sesame oil to use as a dip for bread.

  • All DabbaDrop condiments are vegan, made from scratch with fresh ingredients, preservative-free and packed with super-powered spices.

  • All packaging is recyclable. Jars are made of glass with metal lids which can both be recycled with residential recycling. Delivery is within the UK only.

Allergies: Mustard seeds (Ginger Jam & Mango Chutney), Sesame seeds (Gunpowder), Sulphur dioxide (Mango Chutney & Pickled Onions). Email for full ingredient list.


Plastic Free

Made in East London

Vegan friendly

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