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Biryani Masala (spice mix)

Biryani Masala (spice mix)

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Biryani is a complex, multi-layered dish—a labour of love with several stages. When our friends or family visit, we make this classic dish and everyone gets involved in the cooking process—standing around the kitchen counter, measuring, chopping, frying, tasting, eating: making Biryani is a fun, communal experience, filled with joy and laughter. 

We wanted to bring our communal Biryani experience to your table - whether you are cooking up a boxing day curry with your leftovers or thinking of spicing up the main event on Christmas Day, from our table to yours, we hope you will love our Biryani as much as we do. 

There are hundreds of Biryani recipes, we've taken inspiration from our favourites eaten in  Chennai and Mumbai, and created a soulful spice blend with floral coriander notes, a mild hum of chilli and fruity fennel.

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