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DabbaDrop x Tiipoi - A limited edition Biryani KARIPOT Kit

DabbaDrop x Tiipoi - A limited edition Biryani KARIPOT Kit

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Dabbadrop x Tiipoi - A limited edition Biryani KARIPOT kit

Biryani is a complex, multi-layered dish - a labour of love with several stages. When our friends or family visit everyone gets involved in the cooking process - standing around the kitchen counter, measuring, chopping, frying, tasting, eating; making Biryani is a communal experience filled with joy and laughter!

Although the quintessential Biryani requires many ingredients - an amalgamation of spices, garnishes, and sides - the way one cooks their Biryani is equally important. With this in mind we have partnered with Spandana at Tiipoi to find our perfect pot. Tiipoi’s KARIPOT is made in their workshop in Bangalore by Khanmung Sasa, an artisan who hails from Longpi, a village in Manipur.  

The KARIPOT is made from naturally sourced stone and clay - these materials enhance the cooking process while the burnishing process makes the pot's cooking surface naturally non-stick - ideal for slow cooking or one-pot meals. Use it on the hob, both gas and electric, or in the oven and celebrate oven-to-table style eating. 

The kit contains a KARIPOT, DabbaDrop Biryani Masala (spice mix), metal masala spoon, 1kg cotton bag of premium-grade basmati rice and a recipe card for creating the most delicious Aubergine Biryani. 

So from our kitchen to yours, happy cooking, happy eating, happiness always!

Anshu, Renee and Spandana X

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