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£20 Per Curry for Two

Please note: You must be an existing subscriber to order extra Dabbas. If you’re not a DabbaDropper yet, subscribe here now and you’ll get your first curry free.
Please order before 6pm on Wednesday at the very latest to make sure you receive your extra Dabbas!

Choose 1-5 extra Dabbas below as you wish.
Total price includes £15 for each extra Dabba tin.
Claim your £15 back when you return each tin.

+ £3 bike delivery for 1-2 extra Dabbas
+ £6 bike delivery for 3+ extra Dabbas.
Please note: You will still be charged £3 delivery for your existing subscription plus a separate charge for your extra dabba delivery
(£3-6 depending on how many extra dabbas you order)
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Delicious extras!
Add or remove chutneys, pickles or samosas as you wish.