Our mission:
To change the way Britain does Indian takeaway.


DabbaDrop is all about helping you unpack the magical beauty of REAL Indian food – which is monumentally healthy, vegetarian and always feeds your body and mind with the zingy, colourful goodness of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.

No more sweetened sauces brightened with fake food colouring.
No more mystery meat floating in a recycled oily gravy – what we cook for you is what we'd cook for our own families. And no more plastic takeaway boxes that you try to re-use but end up recycling.

There’s a new way to do Friday night curry in Hackney.

We believe food is best served with friends, family and neighbours – to be tasted and savoured with curiosity and fun.

We’d love families and friends all over Hackney and beyond to be tucking into the wonderful nourishment and bright, aromatic flavours of authentic Indian home-cooking every Friday.


The DabbaDrop story

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Meet the neighbours


DabbaDrop founders Anshu and Renee are two Hackney neighbours who bonded over their kids, cooking and creativity.

“Our kids went to nursery together and we quickly became mates, sharing many an evening discussing food, drink, Hackney and our shared love of natural beauty and sustainability over a bottle of wine.”

In 2014, passionate home cook Anshu was selected as one of the finalists on the incubator scheme, Kitchenette (they helped launch London restaurant, The Good Egg) and her pop-up Pao Wow at Dock Kitchen, W11, got a mention by Jay Rayner in The Guardian.

“I’m not a trained chef but I’ve learnt everything I know about cooking from my family and practice, practice and more practice. I love having my friends over for big feasts. I read cookbooks instead of novels, am always planning my next meal and swapping recipes with the amazing cooks in my family.”  

How DabbaDrop was born
Before (and while) having kids, Anshu worked as a TV Series Producer.

“Life was busy and there were always lots of decisions to be made. Work, kids, childcare, schools, lunches, dinners, birthdays, holidays…. By the time it got to the end of the week, I didn’t want to make any more decisions – especially dinner decisions!

“Back home in Mumbai, it was common to have a ready-made meal delivered to your door once or twice a week. Unlike a takeaway where you have to choose from an endlessly long menu, these delivery-only kitchens created weekly changing menus of home-style food, so all you did was unpack and eat. Hassle-free dinner just when you needed it most!”

Co-creating a Friday-night lifesaver

Inspired by this dabba tradition, Anshu had the idea for Dabbadrop and was quick to tell Renee, who loved it and immediately contributed her stellar advice and creative input to the vision of what DabbaDrop could be. They decided to develop DabbaDrop together.

“We’d both had our second kids and we had that feeling of “Let’s do something for ourselves, on our own schedule.”

New Zealand native Renee comes from a background in Event Production and Restaurant design, with 15 years of food and event production experience from Urban Caprice, Soho House and Caravan Restaurants.

“I fell in love with Anshu’s cooking and vivacious attitude to life, and my restaurant and events experience added just what was needed to help develop DabbaDrop into a Friday night lifesaver for parents like us.”

Recipes with heritage and magic

Anshu’s cooking is all about bold, bright flavours and seasonal ingredients: “I’ve used my mum’s recipes as inspiration. She can knock up a magical feast from the simplest of ingredients – wholesome, everyday Indian meals that have been perfected over time. And made with love.” 


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