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Tonight there’s no cooking – no chopping, steaming or frying.
Tonight there’s no ordering or choosing, no picking, no clicking – no thinking!
Tonight there’s just friends. And family. Drinks and good vibes. Then your DABBA ARRIVES!
With flavours – the freshest. And colours. And textures.
You pick. You dip. You unpack the layers. And cheers! And tunes. And fun.
Tonight is Friday night freedom.


Delicious, conscious curries delivered in Dabba boxes by bicycle


Why should I Dabba?



A ridiculously healthy, all-vegetarian meal made from best-of-the-season ingredients, delivered in zero-plastic packaging by pedal bike. Friday night fun has never been this virtuous.



Our carefully curated menus free you up from any decision making or ordering. So sit back, relax and we’ll make sure your ready-to-eat meal for two arrives conveniently in time for dinner.

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Our Dabbas celebrate honest home cooking from India. Refined sugar free and packed full of the good stuff – there’s nothing dirty about our curries!


How to join our community of DabbaDroppers


What’s on the menu?

We’d make a pilgrimage for this Gunpowder Guru, but luckily for Hackney it’s arriving on your doorstep. Magic!

You’ll be wearing The Chaat’s Pyjamas with this wonderfully comforting bazaar of flavours and textures.

Pappu Don’t Preach mixes Indian street snack faves with a refreshing citrus zing, a warming dal and a fiery kick.

Do we do a Vegan DabbaDrop?

Well, yes we do! Seven out of our nine Dabba menus are naturally vegan so we’ve put together a Vegan DabbaDrop subscription for all you plant-powered superheroes! You can have your vegan Dabba either once a month or fortnightly and everything you eat (including any yummy extras like samosas, chutneys and pickles) will be 100% Vegan. Whooop!

Just click the button below to become one of our plant-powered DabbaDroppers!

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Our mission

To change the way Britain does Indian takeaway. No biggie.

The DabbaDrop story

Two Hackney working mums making Friday nights easy and fun again.


We deliver in Hackney, Leyton and Walthamstow

Choose a one hour slot (either 6.15 - 7.15pm OR 7.45 - 8.45pm) and we’ll get our cyclists to cycle over to you with your freshly prepared Friday night dinner.

If you live elsewhere in London and would like us to set up a delivery station near you - drop us a line at and let us know, we could be coming to your borough next!


Where can I try a Dabba?

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