If your idea of a good curry is unthinkable without chutneys and pickles then you're in luck – we make our own from scratch. Add yummy extras like:

Seasonal Samosas

Ginger Jam

Gunpowder (Indian Dukkah)

& Pickled Onions

at the checkout.

Please note: all our extras are 100% vegan.


What makes a conscious curry?

It starts with the freshest ingredients sourced by hand. This combined with heirloom family recipes and carefully curated menus makes a DabbaDrop meal satisfy you from the inside out – from your brain to your belly down to your toes!

Our good-for-you curries are packed full of fresh vegetables, protein-rich pulses and magical spices like curry leaves and turmeric, cumin and asafoetida – high in antioxidants and high on life!

Our weekly changing menus will also bring variety and vibrancy to your dinner table, no two meals will be the same. So while you will get popular curry house favourites like Jalfrezi, Korma and Chana Masala, we’ll also introduce you to regional dishes from across India, like Mor Kuzambhu and Mirch Aur Aloo Ka Salan.

Eating well shouldn't cost the earth. So, we've made our meals as affordable as possible by cooking all our curries from scratch and of course we deliver them in Mumbai’s finest dabba boxes by good old-fashioned push bike - Friday Night Fun has never been so sin-free!!